Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BRAINS 2020 will be held as a virtual conference on Septembre 28 – 30, 2020. The entire conference program will be online.

The Best paper Award of BRAINS 2020 is:

A Truth-Inducing Sybil Resistant Decentralized Blockchain Oracle
Yuxi Cai (University of Toronto, Canada); Georgios Fragkos and Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou (University of New Mexico, USA); Andreas Veneris (University of Toronto, Canada)

Congratulations to the authors!

Welcome to BRAINS 2020

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to welcome you to the 2nd conference on Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks and Services, BRAINS 2020. 

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) have the potential to disrupt any domain involving coordination among autonomous resources. This include finance and payments (e.g., Facebook Libra), but also networks (e.g., power grids or telecom networks), computing (e.g., brokering of edge resources), IoT (e.g., supply chain or industry 4.0) or service platforms (e.g., identity management). BRAINS conference series is dedicated to these new advances that could make the world of networks and services more secure, while enabling new distributed business models.

This year’s edition is also special for being the first fully online conference of the series. Our original plan was to hold the conference in Paris but this was before the COVID-19 outbreak. Although we will not be able to enjoy the conventional conference experience and the beautiful city of Paris – as well as the stunning social events we had planned, we are looking forward to an exciting online conference format, where participation from all around the world is easier than ever! BRAINS 2020 attracted a total of 70submissions from all over the world. Each paper received at least 3 reviews. Final paper acceptance was decided during the technical program committee meeting on the basis of the received reviews and passionate discussions between committee members, resulting in the selection of 20 full papers (36% acceptance ratio), and 13 short papers.

In addition to technical papers, the main program of Networking 2020 includes 3 keynote talks by leaders in the industry and academia, 1 distinguished expert panel on Blockchain implications for market players, regulators and researchers, and 15poster presentations showcasing new ideas and hot topics. We are very pleased to offer such a rich and high-quality technical program at BRAINS 2020. This would not have been possible without the dedicated effort of many people in the organizing committees. Their contribution is particularly appreciated this year having to make difficult decisions and switch from planning a conventional conference to something different and new. Special thanks go to Aziza Lounis and the DNAC team for their support to the organizing committee and for providing the infrastructure and the support for the virtual proceedings of the conference.

We thank the TPC members and additional reviewers for their hard work in providing high-quality reviews and participating in the online discussions. We thank the authors for presenting their work at BRAINS 2020, and the participants for making this virtual edition a great success. We are grateful to the keynote speakers for sharing with the conference participants their views on the future: Yves Choueifaty, Jie Wu and Jing Chen. We are also grateful to the BRAINS steering committee members for their confidence and their support throughout the conference organization, as well as to our technical sponsors: ACM SIGAPP and the IEEE Communications Society, our conference patron: Orange, and supporting organizations.

We are looking forward to e-meeting you at BRAINS 2020 !

Emmanuel Bertin - Brains 2020

Emmanuel Bertin
(Orange Labs, France)

Cyril Cassagnes - Brains 2020

Cyril Cassagnes
(University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Ruidong Li - Brains 2020

Ruidong Li
(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan)

Abdelkader Lahmadi - Brains 2020

Abdelkader Lahmadi
(University of Lorraine, France)

  • Important dates

    • Paper Submission Due
      March 31, 2020 (Extended)
    • Paper Review Feedback
      May 24, 2020
    • Final Papers Due
      June 07, 2020
    • Conference Date
      September 28 - 30, 2020
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